Organization Accomplishments

The International Institute of Energy Systems Integration (iiESI) engaged in a variety of activities to chart the course for energy systems integration (ESI) research around the world.

ESI practitioners take a holistic view of the energy systems we use today—focusing on the combined strength of our electricity, heat, and fuels systems. Tapping into the combined strength of energy systems maximizes the value of every unit of energy we use in our water, power, and transportation infrastructures. Through collaboration and coordination, iiESI focused on the technical challenges associated with integrating multiple energy systems to enable clean, reliable, affordable energy systems worldwide.

iiESI resources and events were globally sourced from the world's leading ESI institutions and included the latest findings in ESI research.

In 2017, iiESI:

  • Established the first global ESI-focused conference
  • Created joint member publications on ESI topics
  • Held regional workshops to address regional ESI challenges
  • Facilitated student/staff exchanges between member organizations

Members Create ESI Resources for the Global Community

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Past Educational Courses

ESI Articles and Papers

Energy Systems Integration: Defining and Describing the Value Proposition, iiESI White Paper (June 2016)

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