Consumers and Energy Workshop — Ireland

University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
October 17-18, 2016

The International Institute for Energy Systems Integration (iiESI), in association with the Energy Institute University College Dublin (UCD), hosted a course on Consumers and Energy in Dublin, Ireland, on October 17-18, 2016.

This workshop brought together a broad range of disciplines that examined the role of the consumer in energy research, including psychology, marketing, and economics.

The aim of the workshop was to discuss the latest research on consumers and energy and address a number of important topics in the energy agenda, such as:

  • the role of consumers in future sustainable energy systems
  • public acceptance of infrastructure
  • influencing consumer behavior
  • policy instruments
  • rebound effects.

Workshop Agenda

Slide presentations:

Policy Instruments Influencing Consumers' Energy Behaviour

Rebound and Energy Demand

Public Acceptance of Energy Behaviour, Patrick Devine-Wright & Geertje Schuitema

The Need for Social Sciences in Energy Research, Mark O'Malley