The Value Proposition for Energy Systems Integration

London, England (May 16, 2017)

The International Institute for Energy Systems Integration (iiESI), in association with EPRI and Imperial College, hosted a workshop on the Value Proposition for Energy Systems Integration on May 16, 2017.

This workshop was designed to bring international thought leaders and change makers together for a day of discussion and decision-making regarding the true value of integrated energy systems.

The agenda was designed with a mix of research activities and case studies that are already illustrating the value proposition.

Workshop Agenda

Workshop Summary

Slide presentations:

Session 1: Energy Systems Integration Framework
Integrated Energy Network (Tom Wilson, EPRI)

Session 2: Energy Systems Integration Investment Opportunities
Renewable Energy Demonstrator — Singapore (Roch Drozkowski-Strehl, NTU, Singapore)
Smart Multi-Energy System — SMES (Roch Drozdowski-Strehl & Dr. Sanja C. Kuttan, NTU, Singapore)
Energy Systems Modeling (Erik Delarue, KU Leuven)
Next Strategic Grid Integration Challenges Towards next Digital Grids 4.0 (Laurent Schmitt, ENTSO-e)

Session 3: Consumer/Community Scale Case Studies
Energy Storage Application for Self-Consumption (Nina Munzke, KIT)
Integrating the Customer — the RealValue Project (Rowena McCappin, Glenn Dimplex)
Urban Energy Systems (Nilay Shah, Imperial College)

Session 4: National Case Studies
Integrated Energy Network Concept in Japan (Naoki Toda, TEPCO Research Institute)
Energy System Integration in Denmark (Peter Borre Erikson)