Energy Systems Integration in Smart Buildings, Communities and Microgrids

Melbourne, Australia
March 21-22, 2017

The International Institute for Energy Systems Integration (iiESI), in association with the University of Melbourne, hosted a two-day workshop on Energy Systems Integration in smart buildings, communities and microgrids on March 21st and 22nd, 2017.

This workshop was designed to facilitate presentations and discussions on technical and socio-economic aspects of smart buildings, districts, communities, and microgrids.

Workshop Agenda

Presentation Slides

Day 1

Energy Systems Integration in Smart Buildings, Communities, and Microgrids (Mark O'Malley, University College Dublin, Ireland)

Probabilistic Energy Forecasting for Smart Grids and Buildings (Rob J. Hyndman)

Integrating PV and Storage in Communities: Distribution Network Challenges and Smart Grid Solutions (Nando Ochoa)

Integrating Microgrids into Communities: Socioeconomic and Technical Considerations from Real-World Case Studies (Justin Harding, Ausnet Services, Australia)

Day 2

Integrated Modeling of Active Demand Response with Electro-Thermal Systems (William D'haeseleer, KU Leuven, Belgium)

Planning and Operating Integrated Energy Systems (Mark O'Malley, University of College Dublin, Ireland)