Renewables and Energy Systems Integration Workshop

The Renewables and Energy Systems Integration Workshop was held September 8–9, 2014, at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colorado, in conjunction with the International Energy Agency Working Party on Renewable Energy Technologies.

The workshop agenda and accompanying presentations are provided below.

Day 1 Agenda

DOE/EERE Energy Systems Integration Efforts to Date

DOE ESI Focused Research

Steve Chalk, U.S. Department of Energy

Energy Systems Integration

Bryan Hannegan, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

IEA Analysis on Grid and Energy Systems Integration

Simon Müller, International Energy Agency

Variability and Flexibility, Setting the Scene

Components of Flexibility

Charlie Smith, Utility Variable-Generation Integration Group

Renewable Electricity Futures

Maureen Hand, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Integration Challenges in Australia

Daniel Rowe, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation

The Role of Data and Modeling in Energy Systems Integration

Integration and Big Data: A Centralized Management Approach

Scott Koehler, Schneider Electric

Modeling and Simulation to Manage Complex Systems

Michel Morvan, The CoSMo Company

Heating and Cooling in Buildings as an Integrated Resource with Electricity

Coupling the Electricity and Heat Sectors – The Key to the Transformation of the Energy System

Kurt Rohrig, Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology (IWES)

Building Temperature and Electricity Integration

Reto Kuhn, Meyer Burger Technology AG

Day 2 Agenda

Integration Transport and Electricity

Integrated Energy/Transportation Continent-Wide Infrastructure Design

James McCalley, Iowa State University

Perspectives for Renewable Energies in Road Transport

Klaus Bonhoff, NOW (Nationale Organisation Wasserstoff u Brennstoffzellen Technologie)

Cross-Sectoral Integration

Towards an Integrated Roadmap for the EU Energy System

Remy Denos, DG Energy European Commission

Japanese Experience on Smart Community

Takeshi Yoshida, New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization